FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Businesses need more user engagement. Over 100 Billion mobile users are using different applications on daily basis. Every business need an advance communication channel to communicate with their audiences. We started with Post office letters & ended to social network. Now its time to jump into a modern way. Push notifications. That's why you must create an application today.
Today! over 100 billion mobile users are there in this planet. Every businesses want to take advantage of mobile platform. But business owners are not developers. So how to create an app? AppsEazy has came with the solution to fix this issue. We are a registered company who helps users to create their own app instantly. We use advance secure technology in order to help users to fullfill their dreams.
You can create all types of apps in AppsEazy.
Our company doesn't support creating an adult,gambling,drug,poker or tobacco app.
We support google android platform. Anyone from any country can easily download & install you app. you can share your app link with your customers, friends or family. create an app & see the magic.
Creating an application is absolutely free, When your application is created you can even publish your application in our store for free!!!! However, if you want to publish your application on Google Play store then it will cost you the app publishing fee with Free shared google ID.
Generally, Google play will cost you 25 dollar. Apple ios store will take 99 dollar. However, At AppsEazy you can get Google shared ID for free. But if you want to advertise through your app then you must have your own Google ID.
But at this moment we are supporting Google Andriod apps only.
You can earn from your app by monetizing your app on google play store. You need to have your own google play ID for that. Which cost an additional $25.
On appseazy you can create an app instantly. When your app creation is done you can download & test your app. When you are satisfied then you can simply publish it online. publishing on appseasy store will be instant. However, publishing on Google play may take upto 48 hours. Its totally depends upon their policy & verification process.
You can do that.
In order to do that you first need to delete your existing app from app store.
Then simply just create an app from AppsEazy & publish it online.
Currently, you can create only for android. However, if you need an app for Apple iOS also then contact our customer service team. We can build your app as per your customized requirements.
When you finish your application creation process. You can make a payment to publish your application to google play. We accept all major cards like visa,master,american express. You can pay us online via secure payment gateway. You can also pay us by paypal.
We use third party payment processors like Paypal or pay u money. We will suggest you not to use anybody else card to make a payment.
No. you dont need to pay anything before creating an app. You can create. & test. or even publish it to our store. Creating an app is free. Publishing your app on appseazy store is also free. But. if you want to publish your app on google play store then you need to pay play store publishing charge.
Yes. appseazy is absolutely secure website.
We use 128 bit SSL encryption.
All our payment partners are industries best payment processors. We keep your information safe & secure. visit our website to know more.
After purchasing if you do not satisfy with our services then you can contact to our customer service department.
We will try to assist you with all your needs.
If certainly we fail to make you happy then definitely you are liable to get 100% money back.
Kindly check our refund policy at https://www.appseazy.com/legal/disclaimer.php.